Monday, May 4, 2020

Story of "Hello"

"Hello", the word is probably used more often than any other word in the English language. People, whether they know English or not, use "Hello", again and again, every day.

Where did the word come from? Some say it came from the French, "ho" and "la"-"Ho, there. This greeting may have arrived in England during the Norman conquest in  the year 1066 

"Ho, there", slowly became something that sounded like often heard in the 1300's during the days of the

English poet,Geoffrey Chaucer.
Two hundred years later in the time of William Shakespeare, the great dramatist, "hallow had become "halloo". 

As time passed. "halloo" changed into "hullo".

Thomas Alva Edison, the well-known American inventor, is believed to be the first person to use "hello" in the late 1800's. He would have done it soon after the 
invention of the telephone. 

At first, people greeted each other on the telephone with "Are you there? They were not sure the new device could really carry voices. 
Edison, however,was a man of few words. He did not waste time. The first time he picked up the phone he did not ask it anyone was there! He was sure someone was, 
and simply said, "Hello". From that time on -only about 100 years ago the "hullo" became "hello", as it is heard today.
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