Thursday, December 20, 2018

The incredible story of Lijjat Papad! Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad.


Shri Mahila udyog Lijjat Papad popularly known as Lijjat.Indian women's Cooperative involved in manufacturing of various fast moving consumer goods.
Started in year 1959 with a seed capital rupees 80 borrowed from Chaganlal karamsi parekh.


Began with the 7 Sem-illiterate ladies and a borrowed sum of rupees 80.
Founded in gri Girgaum Mumbai on 15th March 1959.Expended as a Cooperative.Started with the production of 4 packet of papads.In 1992 the name lijjat (Gujarati for “tasty”) was  chosen by the group for its products. 

Jaswantiben jamnadas Popat
Jaswanttiben Jamnadas Popat

Parvatiben Ramdas ThodaniUjamben Narandas KundaliaBanuben. N. TannaLaguben Amritlar GokaniJayaben V. Vithalani

The objective of the institution is to provide employment to the ladies to enable them to earn decent and dignified livelihood.

The vision of the organisations to enable women's to become a self reliant and the self confident.
it is primarily a cottage industry urban in It origin.its has eventually spread to the rural area and other cities and the town is several states of India.
Provides self employment dignity of labour and earning capacity for women.The company is a Cooperative that the implements Mahatma Gandhi's principles of “self help” and “Trusteeship”.
Role in women empowerment

The organisation had undertaken the various efforts to provide literacy and the computer education for the members sisters and their families.The Managing committee decided to start such classes in all its branches.From 1980 onwards lijjat started giving Chhaganbapa Smruti scholarship to the daughters and the members sisters.


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