Monday, December 10, 2018

The Group of Twenty (G20)

 What's the G20’s role in the Global order ?

Founded in 1999 initially G20 or the group of twenty was a forum of the financial minister and the central bank governors and industrialized and the developing economics to discuss the issue in a global economy

How big is the G20 ?

The G20 countries comprise  an  overwhelming chunk of a global GDP, populations and trade.
                               G20 economic  scale in the world
                                Global Economic output   85%
                                World Economic population  66%
                                International Trade  75%
                                Global Investment  80%

Major achievements ?

Major achievements  of the G20 include quick development of a emergency founding during the 2008 global financial crisis it also work for the reform in International Financial Institutions by improving oversight of a national Financial Institutions over the past few years the 20 has also become a platform of discuss newly and the issue that the affect the world.

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