Tuesday, October 9, 2018



     * Created by three former paypal employee in feb 2005

    * Acquired by google since late 2006

    * The dominant online video provider , 1.2 billion/day 

Why it is successful ? 
    * it is obvious 
           what ,what why and how
    * User friendly
           put and get video, skip ads
           Wonderful recommendation system
    * Easy idea but brilliant marketing concept 
           Difficult ti easy 
    * Simplicity is beautiful
           easy ideas are the hardest to get 

Without buffering 
        Hey, check out this video.......buffering......buffering                         1 sec, 2 sec. buffering.

Growth factors
   * sharing via e-mail or external websites
   * intrection between users, group, subscription, comments. 
   * instant satisfaction 

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