Thursday, October 11, 2018

How An App Made In 8 Weeks ? | INSTAGRAM |


The app allow users to upload photos and videos, edited with various filters, tags and location information an accounts posts can be shared publicly, users can "like" photos, and follow other users to add their content to a feed.

Lunched in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity

STORIES:- Similar to its main competitor " Snapchat"

 How Two People Made An App In 8 Weeks ?
               ( Kevin Systorm and Mike Krieger )

* Learned to code at right after week (Kevin)

* Built an HTML 5 prototype called Burbn

* Gave it to friends to use 

* Met investors at a party, showed them Burban

* Took the jump and quit his job

* Got $500,000 in funding 

* Found co-founder 

* Looked at what they had-an app that did everything  from check-     ins to photos

* Decided to focus on one thing: photos
   prototype a photo sharing app form scratch 

* Built a pretty awful photo app

* Went back to the old version (Burbn)

* Make Burbn into an iPhone app but it felt cluttered
threw out everything only left photos 

* Renamed it INSTAGRAM 

* Lunched on a Monday 

* Become # 1 photo app