Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Blunder Mistakes that led to The failure of Kingfisher airlines. An Overview !

Kingfisher started its airlines service in 2005. 
In India air travelers were expecting international flight standards in hospitality Kingfisher started as a premium airlines service. later they focused on low-cost airline service suddenly they acquired Air Deccan and started international flight services 2008.
after 4 years of it kingfisher stopped its airlines services because of huge Debt, and they are not able to pay the employee salaries, airport charge, fuel bill to oil companies and bank loan payments.

Reasons for the downfall of Kingfisher Airlines
Frequently change on focus
* First launch all economic classes with food and entertenment system 
* Later focus to luxury business class
* Acquiring The Air Deccan
* Suddenly shifted on a low cost air travelling
* They did not focus on high profitable fruits in domestic area
* Deccan to Kingfisher lite it kills mother brand

Acquisition for expansion
King things required The Air Deccan they never tried to syndicates that two companies to improve their profit with its Merger

Economic slowdown
Kingfisher first started its international route from the Bengaluru to London in 2008 same year recession affected the whole world

Lack of Management
No single CEO your continued for one year frequently change in the top level management

High operational cost
Operational cost of the airline industry are very high compared to any industry. airport charges fee for landing and the parking, aircraft fuels. Government collects huge tax from the airlines companies.

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