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THE dowry system is a social evils prevalent in india till date which every citizen has right to fight agaisat.Each one has to take up his fight agaist the social evils.whe  have to take up this fight by creating awarness in family,communities and sociaty at large.contant and alert action agaist people practicing this evils will slowly help in getting rid of this evil totally .
No blame Gme is going to help at this juncture.the problem which is identified and solutions has to be worked upon positively!
Dowry system is one of the social evils which prevails in ithe indian eradicate requires sustained and concrete effort in the right direction.

Dowry system in indian society:origin,impact and remedies 

   Among the social evils that prevail and plague indian society,the dowry sysem plays the most devasting has spred out its tentCLES FAR AND WIDE in the society affecting almosat every section of the society.


The system of dowry had its origin in the vedic period which beoriginagan only as a formal rite in the institution of marriage.among the various types of hindu marriages,kanyadan played a significant role in the evolution of dowry system.during kanyadan,a bribe was given as a gift to a bridgegroom by her stipulated in the dharmasasthra,kanyadan is a meritorious act and it is not complete untill a bridgegroom is given a dakshina while performing and solemnizing. In others words during kanyadan form of marriage,the bridegroom has to be given something in cash or gift which constitute varadakshina.thus kanyadan form of marriage become associated with varadakshina,the cash or gift in kind to be paid by to the bridegroom.thus dakhina or varadakshina was offerred out of affection and did not constitute any kind of comlution or obligation or consideration for marriage.however what was originally intended as a token dakshina for bridegroom has now has out of proportions and has assumed the modern nomification and the impact it created in the society,the dowry has grown into a greedy monster,which is constantly looking out for halpless preys especially from feminine gender.

Consequent to the monstrous growth of dowry system,it has become a part and parcel of the institution of other words,without dowry no marriage is the cast ridden hindu sociaey,the top three castes and its sub cast invariably follow the dowry fact before fixing a marriage or engagement,dowry is demanded as a precondition.whwn the demad for dowry is not accepted,a disagreement is reached and marriage proposal gets foiled even at the preliminary stage.the pesonallty of a bribe or bridgegroom,their willingness for the proposed marriage etc.
Which are normally considerd as the essential prerequisites of marriage take the backstage.

And salient feature of the dowry system is that it is always associated with the status of  parties to the particular,the bridgegroom parent demand a sum in cash or in kind,in the form of jewelry,material thing like household article,car and houses etc.the irony is such demands are made befitting the economics status of the bridegroom family or position held by bridgegroom or actual amount of cash or kind is not paid before the marrige,it even leads to the termination of contract of marriage is not solembized.the system of dowry has also become a primary sourse of post marital dispute when the agrred amount of dowry is not paid or it is partly paid and pathe promise rtly promised,some times the marriage is solemnisedand the consummated.when the bribes family is not able to fulfill the promiseds of the dowry the bridgedue tom poverty,the strife begins at the marital home,in which the entire family members of brithe bribedgroom is pitted agaist the dowrysystem

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